Time Line of Words

This is a brief and summarized time line to consider and reference.

These referenced dates are assuming 2000AD as a reference point and are meant to emphasize the written language and alphabets.

(just a heads up, the BCE number grows the further back in time you go)

~100,000+ BCE we believe words to have originated.

~64,000BCE Cave painting of Maltravieso. Words written down could also be considered as mere pictures. The oldest painting that we have is dated around 64,000 years ago in the Cave of Maltravieso, Spain. A simple picture depicting a hand-print. This is a significant note in history for written words because it is a picture representation of something that contains meaning.

~4,000 – 2,000 BCE Vedic Sanskrit is used by the officials, scholars, and priests of the Indo area.

~3,100 BCE Sumerians had their own written language about 5,100 years ago. The writing form is called Cuneiform.

~2,000 BCE
Ancient Chinese written language, known as Hanzi, is about 4,000 years old and was the root to make Korean and Japanese alphabet.
Ancient Chinese is very similar to hieroglyphics, in the sense that there was no alphabet. The Ancient Chinese used pictures or drawings to depict their words.

Hieratic evolved about 2,500 years ago into Demotic. Demotic is also an ancient Egyptian script that resembles a cursive flowing font.

~3,300 BCE
Ancient Egyptians used Hieroglyphics 5,300 years ago. Hieroglyphics being pictures depicting things.

3,000 BCE
was the language of the common folk of Indo area and has written records as old as 5,000 years ago

~1,500 BCE
The Phoenician(or Canaanite) language used this Proto-Canaanite alphabet about 3,500 years ago.

~1,000 BCE
Hebrew came from Canaanites, giving form to the Hebrew language with writings from as early as 3,000 years ago.

~3,200 BCE
Around 5,200 years ago, Hieratic was a cursive writing system utilized by Ancient Egyptians.

~2,800 BCE
The Sumerian written language incorporated Akkadian language about 4,800 years ago. This is the Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform that gave way to Proto-Canaanite alphabet.

~1,300 BCE
or Ancient Greek language is about 3,300 years old. Ancient Greek and Latin were spoken around the same time and were prominent.

~700 BCE
that has influence the western romantic languages of today, is about 2,700 years old. From there, Italian, Spanish, French, etc. Came about.

From BCE to AD

~0 AD
language is 2,000 years old and Koreans retrofitted Chinese writings Hanzi to form Hanji as the Korean written language.

~800 AD
made a supplemental version of Kanji called Hiragana about 1,200 years ago, this was to fill in the Japanese words that Kanji didn’t express.

~1,500 AD
A Wise King Sejong of Korea invented an alphabet called Hangul about 500 years ago.

~500 AD
had their own language, but no written alphabet. So they took parts from the Korean Hanji and parts of Hanzi from Chinese writings and made their own written language called Manyogana, that turned into Kanji about 1,500 years ago.

~1,000 AD
language existed and was past down to the Anglo people. The Anglo people then became occupied by French, the French tried to force French on the Germanic rooted Anglo people, resulting in a weird mash of language. Eventually English was birthed from this mixture about 1,000 years ago.

~800 AD
During the same time of 1,200 years ago, the Buddhist monks of Japan made the Katakana alphabet to simplify the Kanji with supplemented Hiragana. A more basic version of Hirigana. The Katakana alphabet also became adaptive to being romanized or romanization.

~1800 AD
Hebrew has been revived or re-envisioned into Modern Hebrew about 200 years ago.

All the dates are argumentative and debatable, I’m not an academic, but if any of this upsets you and you would like change, then tell me with proof. Otherwise remain upset, and drink your own poison.

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