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Why do I care about words?

Hello, my name is Duke, and I am a man who cares about words and what they mean. My friends suggested several Aliases, and the “Duke of words” is what stuck. You see, I’ve always had a fascination for English in both the written and spoken word.

Ever since my Summer of 2018 ‘enlightenment’ caused by my Chief in the Navy saying that “words mean things”. I have started to question a multitude of things, such as why am I better spoken at English than most of my peers?

After doing some inquisitive questioning of myself, I came to the conclusion that my English skills are due to a traumatic incident during my kindergarten years in American Public Schools.

I, myself, am an Asian American Immigrant who came to the states learning English at the Age of four. You see, I was in a circle of good friendship with two fellow classmates Kevin and Jason.

One day, Kevin and Jason got into an argument and they were no longer on good terms. The classroom wanted the inside scoop as to what happened, and being at a loss for the succinct meaning that I was trying to say.

I said that, in the best of my abilities, “broke up”. Not knowing the implications that my words would have, the classroom spread the rumor and laughed at both Kevin and Jason.

Met with derision, this in turn made Kevin and Jason not like me.

I then saw the great misunderstanding after being told the fact. You see, my words conveyed meaning that Kevin and Jason were lovers. That they were gay in a setting that being gay was not accepted.

This lead me being secluded from friends which lit a flame. A flame and desire to be very well spoken and to have a newfound mastery of English.

Where does the Name ‘The Duke of Words’ come from?

Where better to start than at the beginning?

I, myself, am an Asian American Immigrant who came to the states learning English at the Age of four.

I only had a first and last name, as it was in my culture to have. The immigration offices said that I would need a middle name. Thus they granted me the middle name Alexander.

My name then became known as Alexander, or Alex for short. Yet there was always ambiguity since the name was common.

It wasn’t until middle school that a teacher suggested I using my first name abbreviated. My first name is Duhkimkhar, or Duke for short.

I then used this new name, this new nomen, to carry myself. A mere change of a name had shifted perspectives and attitudes toward me. I was seen differently just by having a new name.

Thus I see the importance of a name. It is a way for you to redefine who you are. I felt minted, like a new person by merely changing my name. My personality even took a more serious tone, I started to be less of a clown or court Jester and conducted myself with more reason and rationale.

Names are important, and what are names?

Just a word that describes a particular unique person and their peculiarities.

Just by the virtue of you calling something a different word, a different name, it changes the perspective of that something.

You could call a submarine a metal war machine full of death and destruction, full of salty belligerent Sailors.

I would call it an Iron fortress leagues beneath the sea, miles from the shore, a metal prison with indentured slave-prisoners.

Just a mere shift in the language, in what you call something, will change how you see something.

Fast forward, my discussion with my circle of friends about this passion project has bestowed upon me an Alias. That Alias is “The Duke of Words”.

So here we are,

I am currently making this blog to help formulate thousands and thousands of notes and ideas that have channeled through me as thought. I would like to use this blog as a way to help find congruence in tangent lines of thought.

You may notice a conversation is linear, yet we make departures to jump from one topic to the next. I feel as though a blog with hyperlinks could help to better explain my meaning for what I am saying. I hope to not be mistaken by having my words only represent one word.

So I will continue this blog as my passion project, until I have enough of a story to weave into a book. I will also perform research and study, for instance I took upon an several courses.

I’m a certified Master Neuro Linguistics Practitioner as of 2019. I achieved this in order to pursue my passion for words, learning psycho linguistics and the sort of therapy to truly comprehend the power that words have.

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