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Words with contracts

There are some words that are related to the words themselves, or agreements. Impressed, conscript, enlisted, and draft. Basically contracts. Con- meaning 'with' and 'tract' meaning 'path'. So a contract means 'with the path', and contracts are used by two parties to agree on the 'path forward'. So to speak. Impressed So, back in the... Continue Reading →

Golden Balance

I want to properly discuss my thoughts on Golden Mean Philosophy and what that means to me.Gold is one of the most sought after pieces of precious metals that we have on this earth. Throughout history, kingdoms were forged and felled by and for gold. Mercenaries for hire, we kill for this value of money... Continue Reading →

Telephone game

In communication, and language, the telephone game has an important role to play in how meaning is sent. We can use this game to model real world things that happen. When we communicate, things change The Game The telephone game is played by one message being transmitted between person to person until the message goes... Continue Reading →

Book of the Dead

You see, written words are dead. You can't have a conversation with words written in stone or a book. Sure, you can have a text message conversation, but the words written will be there lifeless for years to come. You can scroll through your text message history and you might reminisce or think about the... Continue Reading →


Words are made up of letters, spelled letter-by-letter. These letters can be arranged in a sort of order or sequence given, this order is called the alphabet. Besides spoken words, one of the first things we learn before writing or reading, is the alphabet. It helps to learn the alphabet to help learn other things... Continue Reading →


Idiolect is an individual's distinctive and unique use of language, including speech. This unique usage encompasses vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. An idiolect is the variety of language unique to an individual.-Wikipedia I think this is one of the most important words that means things. Idiolect is a sort of important point that I will draw... Continue Reading →


Etymology The etymology of the prefix 'Mono-' comes from the Greek root 'Mono' meaning 'One', 'alone', or 'singular'. The etymology of '-Logue' comes from the Greek 'Logos' meaning 'logic', 'the word', or 'study'. This suffix '-Logue' has evolved to also mean 'multiple words' or 'language'. Syntax Mono- + -logue =Mono-logue =Monologue Semantics Based on this... Continue Reading →

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Where did the phrase "Extra extra, read all about it" come from? Newspapers were news that were printed on papers, referred to as 'papers' before the age of internet, T.V., and radio. Circa 1990s when Newspapers were a thing, Newspapers typically prints out on a daily cycle. If the Newspaper came out on Monday, it... Continue Reading →

Importance of literacy

It's important to be able to read. Literacy rates have risen. No longer is it only nobility who can read. Almost every schoolboy and girl in America, can read. Sitting at 99 percent literacy rate, America is full of people who can read. If you don't know how to read, you will lose in writing.... Continue Reading →

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