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Words Mean Things is a little passion project of mine. I had a sort of ‘quasi-enlightenment’ phase while I was serving on board a US Navy Nuclear Submarine in the summer of 2018. Prior to, I had a separate enlightenment phase in 2015,

My Chief was doing his job belittling us, and he kept saying the phrase “words mean things” in a condescending way. I took it as a gift with appreciation instead of taking offense. I then started thinking about words and their meaning.

It seems there is more to this than I first thought. Words have been with me my whole life. There is not a day that goes by in which I don’t see, speak, hear, or think a word. Think about that, is there a day in which you don’t use words?

As you’re thinking, you’ll notice that you’re using words. You’re also verifying the information that you’re reading, which are words. In fact, the last conversation you had were with words.

What were the first words you saw, spoke, heard, or thought of today?

Bringing words and their conscious awareness into frame can help you to control your life, your will, and your fate.

I hope that this passion project helps to bring about the importance of words. I also have to admit, I’m a nihilistic cynic, and I have very negative views of the world. So I will be presenting information in both positive light and negative shadows.

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